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Children and Moving
Moving is hard for nearly all of us. There are some things you can do for your children that will make it easier on them and on you.

Help kids gather up important mementos to be kept in a book or box. Take a picture of your house or take pictures of the neighbors or pets. (This is also good for all of us.)

Talk to your kids about relationships and how important they are. Tell them their friendships live forever in their hearts. Remind them that no one can take away memories and that they can write, visit or telephone their friends.

If the good byes have been thorough, the hellos will be exciting. Do some advance work if at all feasible. Have the whole family look at the new house. If they can not see the house, bring them pictures and talk about what the house will be like.

Plan their rooms and talk about what they would like to take with them. Read books about moving with the littlest kids. Kids need something to look forward to, but unlike adults they need specifics. Maybe you can all agree to learn to ski. Go see the new school and if you can, meet teachers.

While you are all looking forward to a new house and school, remember to arrange for some permanence. If your child is taking karate, for example, try and get her enrolled in karate in Denver.

Moving Expenses and Taxes
In many instances expenses incurred that are directly attributed to your move are tax deductible. However, it is wise to understand tax law before moving so you can keep proper records. Your local IRS office can provide you with a free booklet that precisely describes what you can and cannot deduct.
Moving Checklist
Six Weeks: Two Weeks:
_____ Make a list of all friends, family and associates that should be notified of your move. _____ Handle all financial matters, including payment of bills.
_____ Contact REALTOR in new city. _____ Transfer, or open new bank accounts.
_____ Contact moving companies and gather estimates, or reserve a rental truck. _____ Plan meals to utilize perishable food items.
_____ Inventory belongings and decide what to keep, toss, sell or donate to charity. _____ Drain liquids from power tools and equipment.
_____ Make necessary travel arrangements, such as hotel, airline, taxi and car rental reservations. _____ Begin packing seldom-used items.
_____ Obtain change-of-address card from local post office. _____ Host a garage sale.
_____ Inform IRS of your move by completing form 8822. Call 1-800-829-1040 for more information. _____ Arrange for utilities to be cancelled the day after the move. Have new services connected the day before you move in at new address.
Four Weeks: One Week:
_____ Obtain information on new school districts, and gather records and transcripts from current institutions. _____ Create a survival kit containing: keys, toiletries, food, first aid, important documents and basic tools.
_____ Send change-of-address cards to individuals and businesses on your list. _____ Pack separately bathroom essentials, such as towels, soap, tissue and toilet paper.
_____ Pick up all dry cleaning and other items being repaired. _____ Kitchen essentials such as trash bags, paper towels, sponges, cleansers, snacks, water, paper plates and cups and plastic utensils should be gathered together and kept available.
_____ Obtain medical and dental records for family members and pets. _____ Miscellaneous items like glasses, address book, telephone, clock, checkbook, pet supplies and a change of clothing should be on hand.
The Day Before:
_____ Check that you have directions, a map and the keys to your new home before leaving.
_____ Walk through the house one last time to ensure nothing is left behind.
_____ Pick up rental truck, or call moving company to confirm move.

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